Monday, 15 February 2010

Finally Have a Clear Idea :-)

This past week i have been going over the research from last week. this has been most useful as it has allowed me to look at the research and find which pieces are relevant to the documentary. this research can now be included into the presentation and proposal for the documentary. However more research on the topic would be useful. something for me to do over the next week.

also this past week I have been looking at what channel I would like my documentary to be broadcast on. after looking at BBC 1/2 and channel 4 i decided to go with BBC 2. My reasoning for this i because it states on the BBC 2 commissioning site that they are the head of documentary making at the BBC and they are always looking for a diversity of shapes, approaches, and tones. My other reasoning for this is because of one of the programs they broadcast known The Victorian Farm which has elements of what I wish to touch upon.

for my research into the BBC 2 i looked through the commissioning page but also the aims of BBC 2 to further understand what they would like to see in a program. the reasoning for is that BBC 2 has a particular style and that anything pitched to them should at least appeal to there style. After that i also researched the BBC 2 controller Janice Hadlow as she would be important in the commissioning process of any program on BBC 2, so understanding what she may find interesting would be useful.

This process has helped me see what is or could be expected for commissioning a program with a particular broadcaster. first learning what each broadcaster already broadcasts for example are they mainly drama's, game shows, documentaries, news, entertainment etc. this will affect ones idea (depending of the broadcaster) as they will need to morph there idea to fit the broadcasters style of programming. also looking at previously popular programs that were broadcast is also good research as they may contain elements that could be Incorporated in ones pitch.

researching the relevant heads of departments is also important. Like an interview for a company job one would research the company to better understand what the company is looking for to better their chances. this is the same with the commissioning process because if you understand what the relevant heads of departments want, they one would have a better chance of making a successful pitch.

this has furthered my knowledge of what to look for when commissioning but has also introduced me to altering my my original concept to better suit the broadcasters need.

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