Sunday, 14 March 2010

This week I have been looking at qualative audience research via online forums. This research is look at the popularity of the television programme “Mastercrafts”. From has been said on the digital spy forum “Mastercrafts” has been well received by the public with certain forum members stating:
“Really enjoyed it as well, and learnt quite a few things about wood craft into the bargain. Looking forward to this week's programme.” (mossy2103 16/02/10)

“I'm loving this programme - shame it's half way through the series before I found it!
Blacksmithing this evening - really makes me want to have ago (but I'b need the Fire Service on stand-by) ” (Windy999 26/02/10)

“I'm really enjoying this series. It's so nice to have a show on that isn't dumbed down and treats all the participants with respect. It gives you a real appreciation of the skill and effort involved in these traditional crafts too.” (Lyricalis 26/02/10)

These reactions to the programme show that there is a positive interest in the subject. What also supports this are the BARB reports on the top 30 programmes during week 1, week 2, and week 3 of February. Although the programme slips down from 15th position to 20th by week 3 it does show that it is popular. Now for the negatives of the programme. It has been noted that the soundtrack to “Mastercrafts” has been some what too obvious in how they want to influence the viewer.

“It was good, but would have been far better if it hadn't been turned into some kind of dramatic competition with obligatory blubbing contestant.
There was also the annoying presence of the de-facto irritating background music (aka: "let's tell the viewers what they should be feeling right now").
7/10 - should have been a lot better” (Iggyman 16/02/10)

If I am going to investigate why the craft industry declined and use a soundtrack then I will need to be careful what music is being used and how strongly it will influence the viewer.

Aside from this I have also been compiling a list of online videos that will be useful in my presentation.

This video will be useful for the presentation to get across how crafts are relevant in society and how important they are the species.

the following videos are of craftsmen from stock footage.

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